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Laundry services in Singapore are the ideal options for anyone who wants to get their clothes, washed, dried and folded in the city and surrounding areas. Laundry services are also worthy when you’re out of time or are simply exhausted. With the services, you can have a regular supply of clean and fresh laundry without the need to do any of the work. So considering the time and convenience and time you save after getting Singapore laundry services you should surely try investing in these.




Laundry charges for means clothing and other stuff

Talking about the Laundry charges in Singapore, you must know that these vary a lot because of certain factors. Their rates are simply dependent on the types and amount of laundry. The rate structure for such items like carpet rugs, curtains and the ones made through delicate fabrics is simply different from any ordinary clothing accessories and items. For example, at Singapore Laundry,

Efficient shirt cleaning is possible through laundry services at Singapore with charges at $6 for a men’s shirt and $4 for laundry of men’s shirt with cleaning jackets and coats at $8 with vests, ties, and scarves at $5.

Unisex trousers can include sweater, cardigans and are mostly charged around $10 for dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning a windbreaker costs you $22 while an overcoat or winter coat also gets charged at $22.

You can get a male shirt cleaned and dried with trousers and cardigans including jackets or white coats that cost $6 to $8 for cleaning.

Cleaning a uniform of the army would cost around $6 to $8.

Typical laundry charges for unisex jeans and trousers, cardigans or sweaters lies at around $4.

Price for cleaning household items

The rates also vary a lot according to their types. As with different household items and their sizing, there would be a significant difference in pricing.

A bed sheet gets charged at $5 to $13 depending on the size, and a bolster case or a pillowcase washing and cleaning charge are $2.

Cleaning bed cover and bedspread can be done at around 15$ and $12 with laundry cleaning service.

You can clean your cushion cover, mattress protector, quilt cover and bed protector for $4 and $8.

The company can charge curtains at $9 per kg or at $8 per piece while cleaning charges for your sofa covers are usually $15. There are different rates for washing and cleaning rugs and carpets and that mostly depend on their size.

Carpet with measurements of lesser than 7 feet gets cleaned for around $120 while the one that you measure more than 11 feet costs at around $180.

Note that rugs and carpets can easily be dry-cleaned. Typically, rates for all items can slightly get higher.


Pricing for women’s clothing

Women’s clothing is available in different forms and types so the pricing for laundry differs as well.

Dry cleaning a blouse costs at around $6, a skirt costs at around $6, $16 cost to clean an Indian Saree, clean sari blouse at $6 and a Punjabi suit at $16.

Cleaning a complete dress can be possible with a $12 charge dry cleaning while the service can clean Baju Kurong for a price of $16 and you can dry clean a wedding gown for around $150 – $200.

It would cost you around $6 to $8 to get laundry done for a shawl, blouse, sari or a skirt.

Other price lists

Washing and Dry cleaning certain important household stuff such as bed sheets can be possible with costs of $12 to $16.

$15 for cleaning bedspread and $3 for washing and dry cleaning bolster and pillowcases.

The services also clean your comforters or bed covers at a price of $16 with $12 quilt cover and cushion covers of $4.

Sofa covers are charged at around $17 for dry cleaning while the curtains get charged at $8 for a kg or for a single piece.

Towels are charged at $6 per kg while can be cleaned just like new.

While you’re considering a laundry service for all your washing and dry cleaning requirements, you must always consider price as an important aspect. Thus, it is a vital factor to select a professional and reliable service for convenience, as you would want to select services that offer free laundry pickups and drop-offs. The laundry person can collect from the doorstep and can deliver back the clothes in a fresh and free state. Just like other modern societies Singapore has become busier than ever. With business in their day to day work and personal life, people get less time in their hands for any other activities. Thus outsourcing your clothes to laundry services helps you save on time and focus on other important stuff.

Are you living in Singapore and searching for a dependable laundry company? If so, this review will provide some reliable tricks that can help you find a great laundry service with top-notch solutions which are extremely appealing. Currently there are very many laundry companies based in Singapore with varying conditions and terms of service. Therefore, in order to find a great laundry firm with services that will perfectly suit your laundry cleaning needs, it is important you execute an appropriate research process on the various laundry service company options you will find before you entrust one with your washing needs.


By carrying out a good research undertaking, you will be able to differentiate accordingly between the laundry companies that are reliable and having great laundry solutions from those which are undependable. Courtesy of performing your fact-finding undertaking correct, you will also secure a laundry service that will assure you with not only top-notch and affordable laundry solutions, but exceedingly reliable terms of operation as well. Here are facts about The Dr Laundry that will explain why this company is the leading laundry service provider in Singapore and hence the best choice for your laundry washing needs:

Why The Dr Laundry is the Leading Laundry Service Provider in Singapore

The Dr Laundry is a firm situated in Singapore offering laundry services. This company provides laundry solutions to business owners and residents living in Singapore. The management of this company strives to make sure their esteemed clients get the best solutions by ensuring they give them extraordinary services that perfectly suit their varying laundry cleaning needs. If you are hunting for a reputable laundry service provider in Singapore, here are some of the many reasons that show why you should entrust The Dr Laundry with your laundry needs:

1. Very Experienced

It is with no doubt that a very experienced company providing laundry services will offer great and reliable cleaning solutions than newcomer businesses in this kind of market. The Dr Laundry is a firm that was established several years ago and they have been helping very many businesses and residents in Singapore that consider their services by handling accordingly their respective laundry tasks. By hiring this company to tackle your laundry cleaning project, be promised that you will be liaising with a firm which is not only competent and very qualified, but also very experienced.

2. They have Quality Washing Facilities and Materials

At The Dr Laundry, they have invested in modern and unique washing facilities that once applied accordingly deliver impeccable and very appealing cleaning outcomes. They also use the best of the best cleaning detergents which when combined with their amazing washing facilities will ensure your clothes are sparkly clean and glittering as though they are new.

3. Their Team of Employees is Very Competent

When this company is hiring, they always ensure they select the best applicants who are very qualified to tackle appropriately any kind of laundry task. The company makes sure their workers are well-trained and experienced enough to deliver great solutions before they begin entrusting them with their customers’ laundry needs.

By hiring this company as your laundry service provider in Singapore, their professional team will combine top-notch cleaning equipment and the best washing detergents with their inordinate skills and ensure you get washing outcomes which are high quality and flawlessly suiting your different cleaning wants.

4. They Provide 24/7 Online Laundry Services

If you will consider this company as you laundry service provider, you do not have to visit where they are based in Singapore because they offer both online and offline laundry services. Their online site is always in operation and hence can be accessed at any period of the day or night, every day. Provided you are having a gadget such as a phone with stable internet, you can visit their online site and access the laundry solutions they provide while you are at the comfort of your couch.

5. Exceptional Customer Care

At The Dr Laundry, they cherish their esteemed clients (whether newbies or existing customers) and they therefore make sure that they offer them the number one priority before anything else. Once you choose this company to handle your laundry needs, their pros will make sure they attend to your washing needs immediately and offer you reliable cleaning outcomes in a very quick and secure way.

However, if you will experience anything not pleasing from their laundry services, do not hesitate to inform the management of the firm and they will make sure the issue of concern is sorted out promptly.


6. Licensed and Bonded

Before you collaborate with a firm claiming to be providing laundry services in Singapore, it is important you confirm if it has a valid license. This is vital because it is a way of ensuring that your laundry needs will be sorted out by a firm which is genuine. The Dr Laundry is licensed and thus by entrusting them with your laundry needs, be double sure that your task will be accomplished by a company which is legit and permitted to offer laundry services by the Singapore government.

Because at this company they also have an insurance cover that protects the services they provide, once you hire them to handle your laundry needs, any form of loss or damage you may encounter and which is caused by the negligence or mistake of their team attending to your needs will make you get compensated.

7. Quality yet Affordable Laundry Services

Despite this company making sure that they offer their different customers with the best of the best laundry solutions which are extremely appealing with their washing desires, it does not mean that they overcharge them. By choosing The Dr Laundry as your Singapore based laundry service provider, they will not only offer you with quality and impeccable cleaning outcomes, but they will as well provide you with inexpensive quotes as prices for the laundry services they render you that you can comfortably afford.

Bottom Line

The aforementioned benefits represent a few of the many you will encounter by considering the laundry services offered at The Dr Laundry. For more details about this company including how you can find them when the need arises, do not hesitate to contact their customer care representative soon for a free consultation and estimate on all the laundry services they offer.

Whether it is your home or office, the carpet needs regular cleaning to get rid of stains, dust, spots and germs that get accumulated over time. If you procrastinate the carpet cleaning for a long time, the spots get much more visible and the carpet may even start smelling awful. How often you have to clean the carpet depends on how much it gets used. If you have a flurry of people going in and out of your office, then perhaps it may need monthly cleaning. But if your office gets only a few visitors everyday, then you can have it cleaned once a year without any problem.

If you are looking forward to have your office carpet cleaned, then you should first understand the process involved as it may require you to move the furniture, equipment, machines and other items in your office. Here is how the carpet cleaning is done in a typical office:

• First of all, you should inspect the carpet closely for any damage, stains, smells etc., so that you can determine which portions of the carpet need extra cleaning. Sometimes there are hardened soil spots or spilled coffee marks that cannot be easily removed by the steam cleaning (also called hot water extraction) machine alone.

• Before the actual cleaning begins, the carpet is vacuumed to get rid of any hardened soil (stuck on the carpet from people coming with wet and muddy shoes). The furniture is not yet moved because the soil stains cannot possibly go under the furniture. But after vacuuming and removing most of the soil stains, the furniture has to be moved.

• At this point, the carpet is inspected again and some hard-to-remove spots are treated with cleaning chemicals (mostly alkalines and acetic acid based cleaning agents) to remove them. The areas which get more traffic are sprayed with biodegradable traffic lane treatment chemical. If there are some obstinate soil stains that are still present, then you may need to use a rotary cleaning machine to loosen up the soil from the carpet, but generally it is not required.

• Once the pre-cleaning steps have got rid of the hard-to-clean spots and stains, you can start using the hot water extraction machine. You have to mix water with carpet cleaning soaps or shampoo and fill it in the machine. This machine generates hot water, pushes hot steam into the carpet and then extracts it back. This way, all the dust and dirt get cleaned up efficiently. The hot steam thoroughly cleans the carpet and removes all the germs and toxins as well. You can use either a portable machine for smaller offices, but for large offices, a truck mounted large machine is advised.

• You should give at least five minutes for every area of the carpet when using the hot water extraction machine. When the water extraction machine has done the extraction and rinsing, the carpet will end up being a little wet. You can turn on ceiling fans and leave it to dry by itself overnight, or you can use high velocity air mover machines to help the carpet dry much faster. Because the carpet drying can take many hours, it is advised that you clean the carpets in your office on weekends when it is closed for work.

• It may take between 4 to 6 hours for the carpet to get completely dry, but it all depends on the size of your office. When the carpet has dried to an acceptable level, you can start moving the furniture back to its original place. But do not hurry anything, as walking or placing furniture over wet carpet can leave spots.

The hot and humid climate of Singapore facilitates easy growth of germs, bacteria and fungus on the carpet. This is the reason why the hot water extraction method is the best way to clean the carpets in the Singapore climate. Using the power of hot water steam, it can deeply clean the carpets and sanitize them against possible toxins, fungal growth and germs. The process leaves almost no residue or lather after the cleaning is done. In addition to being thorough, the hot water extraction method is also eco-friendly and actually adds years to your carpet’s life.