Curtain Cleaning

Why We Are The #1 Curtain Cleaning Company in Singapore?
Absolute Laundry offers you amazing curtain cleaning services! The company focuses on the latest technological ways of cleaning your curtains at absolutely fair rates. These services are available for all Singapore residents.

Being one of the most important accessories in any room at your house, curtains have got to be clean at all times. The fact that they are very noticeable makes it easy for anyone who enters the room to see them. Any dirt on them can therefore be easily spotted. Curtains will only therefore complement the rest of the furnishings in the room when they are clean. They must also not carry any forms of bad odors.

Take advantage of the professional curtain cleaning services offered by Absolute Laundry to ensure that neither dust nor fowl smells do not constantly build up on your curtains. This company understands clearly how daunting a task it is to pull down curtains and then carry them to curtain cleaning companies. Extra incentives are therefore offered to all of the company’s clients such that you, the client, don’t have to deal with tasks such as removing curtains and transporting them to cleaners. The company does everything for you, and offers you the option of having the curtains cleaned on-site. Cleaning curtains on-site has today become a popular way to go about curtains cleaning. This is done by the company in such a way that, the rest of the furnishings and accessories in the room are not interfered with.

Having your curtains cleaned on-site means that your room doesn’t appear very cold and bare, as is always the case when curtains are taken down and ferried away to be cleaned at a different location. The professionals working with the company handle every step in an absolutely professional manner, therefore loss of value on your curtains has to be the least of your worries when you hire Absolute Laundry to oversee the cleaning of your curtains.

Curtains should be cleaned at least twice a year for a room to appear to have a beautiful backdrop every time. Absolute Laundry follows up on all clients to ensure that this happens. For instance, if you happen to run a busy schedule throughout the year so it becomes difficult for you to create time for your curtains to be cleaned up by professionals, the company gets in touch with you to ask to pick up your curtains for cleaning.

New Technology Used By Absolute Laundry
The company has taken up a new technological method of removing any form of moulds or other dirt from your curtains. Special products are used o ensure that stains of whatever nature are dealt with. Equipment such as vacuum cleaners is also used. The process can either be wet or dry, depending on your preference or recommendations of the company upon inspection of the curtains.

Special Steam Cleaning Process
The following is a special method used to clean curtains:
• The first step involves inspection of the curtains. If the cleaning is to be on-site, then the hooks are not removed; but if they are to be cleaned at a different location then the hooks are removed and the curtains are pulled down. Inspection makes it easy for the professionals to decide on the most appropriate method of cleaning. Inspection also helps in the identification of stains that can possibly be stubborn so that emphasis is laid on them during the cleaning process.
• Next, Loosely attached dirt, including dust and dead insects that are stuck on the curtain’s fabric are vacuumed. The vacuuming is completely dry to ensure easy removal of all loose particles.
• Pre-treating or soaking is then done to loosen stains that are very strongly attached onto the curtains. This stage also entails treating the suspected stubborn stains identified during inspection. Treatment is done with special products to ensure that the stains are broken down for easy removal by the subsequent processes.
• A special process involving extraction using steam is then run through the curtains.
• This is followed by deodorization, which gives the curtains a fresh and healthy state.
• Monitored drying is then carried out so that the curtains don’t carry extra moisture into the room.

The professionals at Absolute Laundry ensure that the processes used in cleaning complement the type of fabric that your curtains are made of. Try this option out for amazing results!