Part Time Maid

Employing a Part-time Maid in Singapore

Statistics have shown that more Singaporeans are turning to part-time maids to fulfill their cleaning needs. Cleaning is a troublesome chore with a busy work schedule.

Despite a tight routine, Singapore’s high heat, humidity and almost constant haze makes regular cleaning a must. Dust settles perpetually on curtains and carpets, leaving a musty smell. Constant moisture from perspiration must be wiped away from sofas and beds.

Everyone could use help with the tiring chore of ironing.

Part-time maids are the solution for these cleaning needs. But why have they become such an important part of Singaporean households? If you have a need to, how would you employ one?

Why hire a part-time maid?

1. They are more affordable.

It does not cost as much to employ a part-time maid as it does to hire someone to tidy your home on a full-time basis.

Part-time maids, who do not need accommodation, incur lower costs. Some work on specific days, so employing them costs less.

2. Part-time maids do not stay with you.

The fact that part-time maids do not live with you will make you feel more secure, with no trust issues or concerns about them intruding on your privacy.

3. You will have fewer communication issues.

Your friends or neighbors with live-in maids will grumble about how their helpers and children cannot get along.
Cultural differences hinder communication as well. Language barriers make it difficult for employers and maids to communicate needs or difficulties.

Employing a part-time maid reduces these issues. As they do not live with you, your problems with interaction are fewer.

4. They are more credible.

A part-time maid is more credible. It is easier to perform background checks on her or ask for referrals from friends. Reliable cleaning companies are also on hand to help you select a responsible maid.

Some maids may have worked in Singapore for some time and would have accumulated references from previous employers.

How to hire a reliable part-time maid

Employing a trustworthy part-time helper is a process that requires effort on your part. Bearing these points in mind helps you choose the one who will meet your cleaning needs.

1. Use the internet/classified ads

Information about reputable cleaning companies and maids is available all over the internet. All you need to do is research.

The Straits Times Classifieds Section has advertisements for available helpers. Browse through a few of these to familiarize yourself with the options available to you.

2. Know what to look for in a part-time helper.

Be aware of what to look for in a reliable, part-time maid.

A reliable part-time maid should have a wealth of experience and the skills to complete cleaning jobs efficiently.

She should have a knack for removing unwanted mold from bathroom walls or ironing stubborn creases of shirts.

Obviously, she should not overcharge for her services. Compare a few maids or cleaning companies to get an idea of market rates.

3. Do background checks.

Consult relatives or friends who may already be using the services of an efficient maid. They will be able to attest to her reputation, experience and skills.

They will advise you about a reasonable amount to pay how often she should clean your home.

4. Consult reliable cleaning companies.

A reputable cleaning company should have a license and insurance. Do not work with companies if they cannot offer these documents as proof of their credibility.

Customers should have reviewed them and offered proof of their good service.

5. Be aware of legalities.

Employing domestic workers without permits has severe legal consequences. You may find yourself paying a hefty fine or facing a mandatory jail term for hiring someone without a legal work permit. Another scenario is that you may not have the power to start legal proceedings against an illegal foreign national who has run away.

A reputable maid should have a work permit issued by Singapore’s Ministry of Manpower (MOM). These work permits ensure that both employers and their maids are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

6. Exercise vigilance.

Employing a helper is a job in itself. You will need to interview each potential helper to determine her efficiency and credibility.

Validate the documents that the potential helper presents to you with the MOM. Make these checks before welcoming the maid into your home.

Employing a part-time maid is easier if you put know what to look for and put proper checks in place.